Sistrade Launches New Version 8.1 Of Management Software


Sistrade® 8.1 provides new features that greatly influence different sectors of an organisation and are the result of current market needs.

Among the latest features are the following:

Administrative and Financial Module

In Human Resources, similarly to what is already done in other system processes, it is now possible in the Employee Register to include 'Additional Information', and allow the user to include the additional data in the employee data sheet.

In Treasury Module, until the present version, checking values between the accounting entries and bank accounts transactions when they were in a currency other than the base currency, was extremely complicated, since bank accounts transactions in Treasury module are registered in the currency of their account and accounting entries are in base currency. In this version, it is now possible in Treasury module to consult base currency, using a new column of debit value and credit value, either on the screen or on the layout.

Basic and Materials Module

This version contains multi-company scenario in a single database. Since Sistrade is implemented in various companies that export standard products, it is necessary to provide a feature that allows setting the material description in various languages. There are now new fields for storage of information regarding die-cutters. One of the features is calculating the number of passages of the production process where the die-cutter is used.

Commercial Management and Estimating Module

In the book industry, it is very common for customer to request an estimate for a certain amount and ask the price for each additional 1000 units, it is difficult to know in advance how many copies will be produced (problem of editions and reprints). Until the present version, the user was required to submit an estimate letter too long because it would have to simulate each multiple quantity of 1000. In fact, the calculation for extra 1000 is relatively simple, requiring only to simulate two quantities at intervals of 1000 and to check the price difference between the two. For this, there has been entered automatically a tool that enables to get the price for each 1000 products automatically (whether or not books).

Production Management Module

In Job Order Management, with the new 'Commercial Kit' feature in the articles, that is, an article just created for the assembly of 'n' articles, it is now necessary to adapt the generation system of job orders of composite articles in perspective that when facing with an article of the “Commercial Kit” it is unfolded and manages the job orders.

Stocks and Purchases Module

In Stocks Management, it is now possible to print using PDA (e.g. a label of finished product) in Sistrade Mobile Warehouse module. In the scenarios where the customer uses mobile devices to support logistics and warehouse management, such as PDA, PDT, Tablet, it is important to provide the system with the capacity to print labels directly for a printer, either thermal label printer or any other. In this context, Mobile Warehouse module now allows the printer setup in the same way as with Repeti (Direct Printing System) in PC application version, allowing the user to select the default printer or any other and send the document to the respective printer. This feature is important, in performing inventory and there is need for printing new labels, or when for example, the user is making division of lots and other.

Scheduling Module

With the latest optimisation in scheduling, the system validates the delivery date of raw materials, creating blanks from three to five days in machines, this is because the following job orders are always scheduled after the last. In the current version, the system validates if there is an available space in the machine, where the user will perform the operation, and, if so, the system will allocate the operation to the machine in this space. If the space is not found, the system maintains the current behaviour, i.e. allocates the operation in the machine after the last operation.

Quality Control for Mobile warehouses using Tablets

It is now possible to use Tablets in the quality control feature, just as in production data collection.

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