ECRM Imaging Systems Improves Mako CTP Series


ECRM Imaging Systems announced changes to the Mako CTP series product line. Incorporating multiple valuable improvements into the product line combined with better warranty terms and pricing, the company is launching this new series branded ‘ECRM CTP’.
According to Joe Chevalier, President of ECRM, ‘For the past 13 years, Mako CTP machines have helped thousands of newspapers and commercial printers transition easily from film to metal CTP with the extraordinary reliability and low cost of ownership that these customers require. The new ECRM CTP series continues that history of reliability and cost effectiveness with added benefits of longer warranty, faster speeds, and lower cost. There is a continuous improvement philosophy that lives within ECRM. The majority of these efforts is seen in its reliability in day to day production. The new series is a way to emphasise our product commitment.’

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