Ricoh Launches Range of TotalFlow Portfolio Software Products


Ricoh’s new products include Ricoh TotalFlow Prep 4.0, TotalFlow Print Manager 4.0, TotalFlow Production Manager 4.0 and TotalFlow Path 4.0. The new software is part of the TotalFlow suite and is designed to streamline job workflow, minimise errors and maximise productivity.
‘The new software helps our customers work better, faster and and smarter,’ said Jacques van Wyk, COO of Ricoh SA. ‘Printers today are required to produce more jobs, more quickly, in a range of run lengths with various print technologies, and ensure that workflow is uninterrupted and error-free to ensure profitability. Our new solutions seamlessly manage the daily operational activities automatically, efficiently, and limit human involvement as far as possible.’
TotalFlow Prep 4.0, with a redesigned user interface, offers fast, efficient document preparation with intuitive access to capabilities such as imposition, tabs and finishing. Ideal for small to mid-sized print service providers, it enables operators to create documents, edit and impose via a simplified, easy-to-use graphical interface. TotalFlow Prep can operate independently or integrate seamlessly with other TotalFlow production management solutions such as Print Manager and Production Manager.
TotalFlow Print Manager 4.0 and TotalFlow Production Manager 4.0 provide powerful, centralised management for digital production print operations. They can automatically schedule and route jobs based on printer capabilities, media type and current workload. Using dynamic media catalogue discovery and device synchronisation, media changes are minimised to help drive productivity and cut overall costs and errors, as well as reducing downtime since jobs get to print faster and spend less time in the job queue.
Production Manager 4.0 adds advanced capabilities such as transforms from Postscript or PCL to PDF, printer pooling and an embedded pre-flight function provided by Enfocus Pitstop.
TotalFlow Path 4.0, built on an open workflow platform, is an easy-to-use, affordable workflow automation software that streamlines the cut sheet production print workflow. It intelligently connects software programmes and business applications like web to print and Management Information Systems (MIS), enabling them to communicate with each other during the production process.

Using rules-based automation, and a drag and drop interface, clients create and customise linear workflows to meet specific job requirements. TotalFlow Path reduces common errors and speeds up turnaround times by minimising human touch points. Version 4.0 brings new extensions for EFI Digital Storefront, Ultimate Impostrip, for advanced imposition, and support for the latest continuous feed and cut sheet devices.
With Ricoh TotalFlow Prep, TotalFlow Print Manager, TotalFlow Production Manager and TotalFlow Path, service providers can:
 · Accurately take files from multiple sources, or in multiple formats and create a print-ready PDF files.
· Preview files for accuracy as adjustments are made.
· Choose media, finishing options, printers and more.
· Use a preset for frequently used tasks so they’re performed automatically, and consistently, every time.
· Perform simple PDF edits, including logo replacement, text insertion, sizing and rotation at any time while the preview function ensures changes look exactly how they should, before printing.
· Manage print jobs such as scheduling, error recovery and printer status check.
· Enable file format conversion from PCL/PostScript to PDF, printer pooling and optional colour management and pre-flight integration.
· Integrate disparate applications into an end-to-end workflow to address workflow automation.
A client collaboration programme was crucial in developing this robust array of benefits.
‘We worked closely with numerous customers to create these solutions,’ says Van Wyk. ‘We gave our customers the tools they said they need to meet the challenges they face. Among the features and enhancements they requested are a better user interface and more intuitive use.’

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