The Harlequin Host Renderer is a new generation “Digital” Harlequin RIP from Global Graphics®. It provides high performance components with which to build Digital Front Ends (DFEs) for digital production presses and other host-based Page Description Language (PDL) rendering solutions.

It gives unprecedented speed with great economy. The Harlequin Host Renderer is exceptionally fast and efficient so manufacturers can achieve rated engine speed with less processing power, with a concomitant reduction in the costs for hardware, operating systems and other associated software.

It makes it possible for manufacturers to minimize the hardware and development costs of DFEs, shorten development cycles and accelerate time to market. Print shops, on the other hand, can drive a broad span of digital presses at full engine speed, only stopping for scheduled maintenance.

A complete solution for production print

As part of the Harlequin RIP family the Harlequin Host Renderer brings with it a variety of in-RIP features designed for production print. These include:

Screening; a wide range of powerful and tunable halftone technology can be supplied, including multi-bit screens for inkjet presses. An OEM may also install their own screening as encrypted font caches or using an API for programmatic halftone technology

TrapPro, a full-featured trapping solutionFont emulation, patent-pending technology for when that job just has to be out now, even if required fonts were omitted when the PDF was made

Simple im>.

Infrastructure for an OEM to build a PDF/VT compliant solution around the Harlequin Host Renderer. Harlequin OEMs have been shipping DFEs supporting PDF/VT since Ipex 2010

Ability to render all four graphical formats required for PPML/GA (EPS, PDF, TIFF & JPEG), enabling an OEM to build a complete PPML solution around the Harlequin Host Renderer.