The KIP C7800 system has been meticulously engineered to deliver breakthrough production, quality and value from high powered technology, reliable performance and efficient operation.

KIP C7800 systems provide real value and customer benefits from extremely high quality output, reliable performance and efficient operation. An exclusive belt drive system, along with reliable performance, long-life drums, developer, CMY and black toner help reduce total cost of ownership.

Outstanding Image Quality

The KIP C7800 System sets a new standard for top quality, high demand printing of all types of wide format documents by delivering nonstop production levels with razor sharp line detail, superior colour fidelity and smooth gradients while decreasing operational and ownership costs.

High Resolution

Four advanced KIP LED imaging heads provide outstanding 600 x 2400 DPI resolution. The KIP C7800 system combines enhanced monochrome imaging and world-class colour quality in an exceptionally versatile design, ideal for virtually any wide format printing environment.

Lightfast Prints

Prints used in outdoor environments are exposed to light and UV rays which are harmful to many wide format prints. The KIP C7800 system produces lightfast, UV-proof prints which do not fade or exhibit colour deterioration from exposure to light.

Water Resistant Prints

All images generated by the KIP C7800 system are fully waterproof. When using waterproof medias, prints generated by the KIP C7800 make excellent outdoor displays. KIP C7800 output can be left in humid, wet and harsh environments with no negative impact on image longevity.