The company showcased the next-generation of grand format digital printers, the ‘Domin8tor’,  a True UV flatbed with a large 2m x 3.05m (78” x 120”) print area. The ‘Domin8tor’ prints ultra high resolution photographic quality with inline white or clear, and offer true UV flatbed grayscale high speed printer.

Sectional vacuum zones

Sectional vacuum zones on the Domin8tor enable quick change over to different sized media without the need to ‘tape off’ the remaining unused print area, speeding up production. You can easily print materials with different thicknesses as the head height adjusts automatically without the need to manually check it.

Print quality and speed on the ‘Domin8tor’ are driven by the inline ‘Blade’ head configuration system. The ‘Domin8tor’ can print a 25.4cm (10 inch) wide swath using 6-picoliter variable dot Ricoh heads (12 picoliter option available). Cleaning is made much easier with the fully automatic built-in head cleaning system. It both vacuums and blots the print heads, no need to wipe by hand.

iPad GUI interface

Operation of the ‘Domin8tor’ is made simple with the use of Gandy Digitals own touch and drag GUI (Graphical User Interface) running on the iPad provides perfect ease of use of the ‘Domin8tor’ and turns it into a true mobile operation device enabling to step and repeat, rotate, delete ripped images, create jobs and more. The iPad also comes loaded with video tutorials and a live diagnostic system making maintenance schedules part of the routine.

Automated loader/unloader

The Domin8tor also has available an automated loader / unloader, speeding up the process of loading / unloading of large difficult to handle rigid materials and high volume print runs with only 1 operator required. This is an optional extra.

Also available on the GUI is a materials inventory control ordering system ‘iMediaMarket’ which is linked directly to all major manufactures and suppliers of Grand Format materials and consumables. This system also lets you keep track of your own media inventory and can advise if the stock for the next print job is available or running low. Profiles and software updates are also updated with the online system. Hence, CDs are no longer required. Gandy Digital’s ‘Domin8tor’ is the most advanced and ground-breaking Grand Format Digital Printer in the industry today.


The Domin8tor works with all major suppliers of RIP software intergrating seamlessly with your existing production department workflow. Please contact the RIP manufacturer for options, support and pricing.

Print driver specifications

If you are a raster image process (RIP) manufacturer and would like to add the Domin8tor to your Grand Format print driver list please contact : for further details.

With 30+ years of digital printing technology and proven track record of consistently being at the forefront of the Large Format Digital Print Industry, youll want to see for yourself why we lead the way.