Sibress Unveils Quality Control Solution For Printing Applications

Sibress Unveil Quality Control Solution For Printing Applications

Sibress showcased its new generation of the FlexoControl Universal 2D measuring device for the first time. It is suitable for quality control of halftone areas, individual printing dots, lines and barcodes on press-ready flexo plates, imaged LAMS flexo plates, steel-backed letterpress plates, offset plates and elastomer flexo printing plates.

The updated FlexoControl Universal features new optics and a new high-resolution camera. Thanks to the resolution of the optical system of 181 line pairs per mm according to USAF 1951, even the finest dot surfaces can be captured and analysed very accurately.

The company also received interest in the FlexoControl 3D Plus device at drupa 2024 and in the weeks that followed. The FlexoControl 3D Plus is the only plate measuring device that simultaneously captures the surface as well as the deeper areas of halftone dots and their base support on the flexo plate from the side, and displays both views side by side on the computer screen. Two cameras capture the surface and flanks (slope) of the printing elements. The side camera captures the entire image area in razor-sharp detail.

Easy to use anywhere, FlexoControl 3D Plus can measure and analyse screens on flexo plates with screen rulings between 30 and 85 l/cm (76–216 lpi). Other functions include the measurement of colour prints, CMYK evaluations, statistics, saving of measurement curves and the automatic creation of measurement protocols with images in PDF format.


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