Films Specialist Invests In BOBST Technology

Films Specialist Invests In BOBST Technology

Toppan Speciality Films’ strategic expansion with BOBST EXPERT K5 Metallisers signifies a bold step towards operational excellence in the Indian packaging industry.

The investment includes the acquisition of three additional BOBST EXPERT K5 Metallisers to be delivered over the next 12 months, marking a substantial expansion of Toppan’s production capabilities.

Toppan Speciality Films primarily relies on BOBST metallisers for its operations. The purchase of the three new machines means the company is now home to eight BOBST metallisers.

The India-based business, a prominent player in the production of specialty films, label films and graphic lamination films, is poised to enhance its manufacturing capabilities through the integration of the new BOBST metallisers.

Toppan Speciality Films’ CEO and Director, Manohara Kumar, emphasised the critical role played by their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in delivering high-quality and innovative packaging solutions to customers. With a strong focus on sustainability-focused packaging alternatives, these metallisers will incorporate value-added features such as AlOx GEN II — a next-generation clear barrier process for mono-material flexible packaging materials — along with AluBond® for improved metal adhesion and dyne levels, as well as the Hawkeye Pinhole Detector. The company’s latest investment in BOBST’s advanced metallising technology reflects its commitment to continued growth, and to meeting the evolving demands of the Indian packaging industry.

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