POLAR has announced at the DRUCK + FORM fair that its N92 PRO high-speed cutter is now available with the swivel back-gauge.

The new option is a modified version of the rigid cutting material back-gauge. It can be displaced horizontally up to 1.1 millimeters from its parallel position in regard to the knife. The intention is for the back-gauge, which rotates along a defined vertical axis, to compensate for any printed image on the printed sheet that is not positioned at a right angle to that sheet.

Beginning in December, the N92 PRO high-speed cutter will also be offered with the optional swivel back-gauge, the same product that is available on the larger cutter models. Back-gauge compensation can be performed manually at any time by pressing a button on the control panel. Cutting programmes which were generated by block programming or Compucut® automatically add the feature to the programme. Once programming is finished the relevant pictograph will be indicated next to the step position. If a correction is carried out while in automatic mode, the compensation value will be saved along with the step position and the back-gauge position will be automatically adjusted during the next start-up.

With the swivel back-gauge feature, POLAR once again demonstrates its customer focus and enormous innovative strength. Matthias Langer from POLAR Product Management, said, We saw that our customers wanted and needed our 92 high-speed cutters to be even more flexible and customised. When it comes to compensating for the smallest of deviations in printed images, our product enhancement will provide great benefits.