Packaging And Branding Company Grows With Summa Cutter

Packaging And Branding Company Grows With Summa Cutter

The global pandemic represented a challenge for STUDIO 399 as it did for many businesses. But through creative thinking and the versatility of their Summa F1612 flatbed cutter, these uncertain times quickly gave way to new opportunities.

Koen Vanhaeverbeke, manager of STUDIO 399, said, ‘I’ve known Summa for a while and got to know them for their roll-to-roll cutter expertise. When we were considering purchasing a flatbed cutter we looked at the Summa F1612 flatbed cutter. After a visit to the demonstration room of a local Summa dealer – I was soon convinced.’

Since they are specialised in packaging, STUDIO 399 uses the F1612 to cut a lot of cardboard, vinyl, polypropylene, MDF and plastics to route.

During Covid-19, their standard production was cut back. The F1612 prompted them to think more broadly and explore other applications and markets. ‘It is truly due to the versatility of the F1612 and the Summa router that we were able to quickly develop other applications and solutions that even go beyond sign and display,’ said Vanhaeverbeke. These applications led to a growth of the company and customer base, so much so that they had to expand our capacities in terms of production space.

Vanhaeverbeke finds the versatility of the machine most interesting. ‘The F1612 is extremely multifunctional. The fact that you can retrofit tools and modules at any given time is a huge perk, assuring the F1612 to grow along with our business at our own pace,’ added Vanhaeverbeke. The company will most likely buy another Summa flatbed and a high-frequency router in the future.

‘A tip to everyone who owns a Summa F Series flatbed cutting plotter: don’t limit yourself to one or a few applications, or to merely one target group. Look further and think wider. Explore the many application possibilities. Grow with the Summa F1612 and let the machine in turn grow with your business. The world of numerous striking creations is at your feet with a Summa F Series flatbed cutter,’ concluded Vanhaeverbeke.


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