Atlantic Zeiser showcased its cost efficient personalisation solutions for ID cards and small commercial card batches at Cartes 2012, which took place from 6-8 November.

PERSOLINE is a powerful and versatile platform that can be easily configured with a range of system modules to handle specific applications. The advanced high speed solution offers significantly lower costs for consumables using innovative DOD inkjet printing technology for full face edge-to-edge card surface printing and personalisation.

PERSOLINE provides more versatility by integration of various module options in combination with different personalisation technologies. Varnishing with a UV curable protective layer for superior abrasion and scratch resistance increases the quality of each produced card. With the CoolShield lamination module a high level of security and flexibility in the choice of card materials is guaranteed.

CARDLINE VERSA is the world’s best-selling solution for the personalisation of mag-stripe cards that delivers optimal speed and high net production per shift, even for different card formats like CR80 cards, odd-shaped cards, double CR80 and hangtags. It is perfectly suited for the personalisation of mag-stripe- based flat financial and gift/loyalty cards. Running at up to 30000 cards per hour, CARDLINE VERSA offers quick set-up times and fast job changeover, via an integrated system for consistent production performance. The adjustable high- speed mag encoding (HiCo; LoCo) allows encoding at non-ISO positions, simultaneous encoding of two parallel mag-stripes and top-down or bottom-up encoding.

It is delivered complete with QUALImpress print mode for brilliant print appearance, low energy and long-life Smartcure UV curing system, inline attaching module for attaching carriers to the cards, flipping module for one pass personalisation of both card faces, unique and accurate card alignment sections and AccuStart – automatic in sequence restart. Additional benefits are low machine maintenance and easy machine accessibility, integrated audit trail with customised production report and dual shingle delivery feature for quick insertion of remade cards.

PERSOMAIL is a versatile, compact and cost efficient solution for automated card mailing in the middle performance segment. The innovative solution can process all common card types, reaching speeds of up to 3000 cards per hour. Personalised cards can be fed by up to four feeders at random as an integrated printer personalizes the card carriers on demand. Cut sheet printers with several paper trays allow for selective draw-off of different forms. After card attaching, the inserting unit folds the card carriers (Z-, C- and V-fold), accumulates multi-page sets and selectively adds up to six enclosures. Finally, the mail pieces are inserted into envelopes. Using the Atlantic Zeiser control and production software, operation becomes very easy.

VERSAMAIL is a modular and cost efficient finishing and mailing system for a wide variety of applications ranging from simple card attaching up to more complex attach and match or attach and personalise jobs required for promotion card packaging or envelope-less loyalty card mailing. It offers a running speed of up to 28000 products per hour while still allowing a high degree of flexibility and a low cost of ownership through short setup times and simple operation. High attach precisions are achieved using special Atlantic Zeiser designed pivotal Pick and Place feeders. VERSAMAIL offers various folding options and allows inline high quality carrier printing of variable data like numbers, barcodes and addresses.

Real-time verification with PMP
The PMP software modules log all actions on every unit or machine involved in the production process. This ensures that all data and information on ingredients used and their batch numbers, on machines, production lines, factories as well as shipping, final destination and customer can be comprehensively recorded and tracked. In addition, all actions are assigned reliable time stamps providing seamless traceability and reconstruction of the production process.

PMP also provides secure interfaces for the actual verification processes that permit the transmission of exported card codes via various media (e.g. secure Internet connection/ dedicated line, GSM, etc.). PMP verifies that the codes received are genuine, and returns the result immediately. The data transfers are securely encrypted and carried out in real time.