The new Pantone Lighting Indicator Stickers make it easy to determine if your viewing conditions are right for accurate colour evaluation, specification and matching.

Quality of light has a critical impact on colour appearance, and making a colour decision under the wrong lighting conditions can lead to costly and time-consuming mistakes. The stickers tell you at a glance whether your ambient lighting conditions are giving you an accurate visual read of your colour.

Simplicity itself.
Two light-sensitive patches react to your viewing illumination, changing color under different lighting temperatures. Under proper D50-range lighting (5000k, the recommended illumination for accurate colour evaluation) the two patches will appear to match. If the light is not in D50 range, the two patches will appear different. The further your light source is from D50, the more contrast the two colors of the indicator will display.

Got the colour your want? Stick with it.
The stickers have a peel-off adhesive back that lets them attach to and travel with your colour proofs, ensuring that everyone in your production chain will make accurate colour decisions.

Each page contains 40 stickers and the product is sold in individual pages.