DigitalView And X-Rite Outline Importance Of Colour Measurement During eXact 2 Spectrophotometer Launch

DigitalView And X-Rite Outline Importance Of Colour Measurement During eXact 2 Spectrophotometer Launch
Mark and Laura Minter, DigitalView with Martin Hill, X-Rite.

DigitalView introduced the new eXact2 next generation non-contact handheld spectrophotometer at events held in three of South Africa’s major cities this week. Developed by X-Rite and Pantone LLC, it is designed to bring the ink, print and packaging workflow together in one device.

Martin Hill, X-Rite’s sales manager for the UK and MEA regions, gave a presentation on the device, as well as X-Rite’s background. He highlighted X-Rite’s eXact 2 Suite, which simplifies colour communication across all internal and external stakeholders, and which is included with the device. He also showcased ColorCert, which is X-Rite’s Print Quality Reporting tool.

He also outlined the spectrophotometer’s many features, which include wireless and cloud-based capabilities, as well as the versatile markets it serves, and the importance of having a tool that enables accurate colour measurement and communication, particularly in the world of branding, packaging and printing. The device comes in different versions, depending on the application or the substrate in question. For example, reading a texture such as textile or leather will differ from metal.

He added why colour management is so important: ‘More than 66% of shoppers factor colour in their purchasing decisions,’ Hill said. ‘Your end product involves colour and customers want consistent print that matches the agreement. Good colour management gives you that.’

A colour management tip that Hill listed was for printers to look after their equipment. ‘A lot of effort goes in from X-Rite’s side to produce equipment that is technologically advanced, but you have to look after it. You have to know that the readings you are taking and the readings you are communicating, whether to a brand owner or your individual customers or internally, are right, and you have got to do it with confidence.’

He added that X-Rite have a number of products to help printers feel more confident with colour management, as well as reliable service partners such as DigitalView to provide support and recertification for devices.

Mark Minter, DigitalView owner, spoke about the background of eXact, and how the device has evolved from its predecessor, the eXact 1. This includes the elimination of the need for multiple devices, keeping up with ever-evolving colour specifications, as well as features such as its non-contact area, which avoids potential contamination of ink.

‘If a person can measure colour, they can control what they are printing,’ added Minter. ‘It’s a big problem in our industry because many people think they can judge or control colour visually. People see colour differently and lighting conditions affect the way a person sees it. The main way a person can control it accurately is by measuring it.’

DigitalView owner Laura Minter conducted a brief demonstration of the device, where the device’s up-and-down sliding attachment for ease of use was presented. Other ergonomically-friendly aspects were also mentioned, such as the height-adjustable feature, adjustable tilt screen and improved drop-tested durability.

The device includes filter-interchangeability, density summary and Pantone detection, which compares a colour to what is in the Pantone book, charger and carry-case. It also reads C, M, Y and K values individually.

Hill discussed the importance of investing in colour management technology, colour management tips and trends with Africa Print. Watch the video below.

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