Esko, X-Rite, Pantone And Enfocus Showcasing Packaging Solutions

Esko, X-Rite, Pantone And Enfocus Co-Exhibiting In Düsseldorf To Showcase Packaging Solutions
Joël Depernet, Esko.

Esko, X-Rite, Pantone and Enfocus are showcasing a new integrated technology ecosystem benefiting today’s packaging supply chain. Streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency and boosted sustainability will supercharge go-to-market acceleration.

Visitors to drupa 2024 (May 28 – June 7, Düsseldorf) will be the first to discover the benefits of combining the expertise and technology of Esko, X-Rite, Pantone and Enfocus to deliver unparalleled value and operational efficiency to accelerate the go-to-market process for brands and their packaging supply chains. With live demonstrations, attendees will experience the full suite of the companies’ latest hardware and software innovations.

Together these four operating companies are part of Veralto’s (NYSE: VLTO) Product Quality and Innovation segment, which helps customers safeguard everyday essentials, including protecting the food supply chain, enabling the delivery of pharmaceuticals, and ensuring product quality, freshness and consistency. ‘Our ecosystem of automation and colour management solutions not only expedites the go-to-market process but also aligns with the sustainability objectives crucial for businesses today,’ said X-Rite President Jeff McKee.

In a major evolution in software architecture, Esko will unveil sCloud, a multi-tenant cloud-native platform that delivers on a new technological reality based on cloud computing, data sharing and artificial intelligence (AI). All existing Esko applications – from ArtPro+, ArtiosCAD, and the award-winning Phoenix through to Cape Pack and Automation Engine – will connect to the new platform, giving all stakeholders in the value chain 24/7 real-time access to live data and identical resources, wherever in the world they reside. Moreover, Esko sCloud is an open platform supporting connectivity with partners.

Esko President, Joël Depernet, said, ‘We are taking our customers on a journey to the future of connected cloud-based operations. We are announcing readiness of this platform at drupa with new tools already available for our customers. We are delivering a next-generation solution that will see brands and their packaging supply chains achieve new levels of go-to-market speed and efficiency.

‘Current customers can seamlessly integrate their Esko on-premise applications with the sCloud platform. This is truly a new way of working and one which represents a quantum leap in connected integrated workflows.’

Depernet added, ‘Importantly, Esko is accelerating the entire go-to-market process from significantly further upstream with its new Job Onboarding innovation. With Job Onboarding, converter sales and customer service employees gain access to the same professional packaging tools as the prepress department. This creates a more streamlined and automated process, speeding up the very start of the supply chain.’

Additionally, Esko will introduce the CDI Crystal ‘Quartz Edition’, adding a top-of-the-line edition to the successful family of CDI Crystal XPS plate imaging and exposing solutions. The Quartz Edition combines the upgraded optics of the CDI Crystal with optimised Crystal Screens, introducing 2000 lpi surface structures (Q-Cells), providing another major leap forward in flexo plate imaging speed and print quality. The Quartz Edition is targeted at flexo tradeshops, alongside label and flexible packaging converters, to deliver market-leading flexo print quality. Existing CDI Crystal installations, built after 2021, are field-upgradable.

Within the AVT family of automatic inspection systems, Esko introduces the Varnish Inspection Module for Esko AVT Helios. As an add-on module to the Helios system, the Varnish Inspection Module enables viewing and inspection of varnish and coating on various printed substrates simultaneously with print inspection. This unique and patented Varnish Inspection Module detects issues such as varnish misregister, partial and full starvation simultaneously with the existing print defect detection.

X-Rite will unveil Autura Ink, a cloud-based ink formulation software that is simple and easy to use for seasoned and new ink technicians alike. Leveraging the proven technology of X-Rite’s InkFormulation software, this platform streamlines all aspects of formulation, storage, approval, retrieval and quality control for offset, flexo, gravure, and screen-printing inks. With integrated BestMatch technology and the ability to better manage assortments, Autura Ink helps drive efficiency and reduce waste. Alongside this launch, X-Rite will also announce expanded capabilities for PantoneLIVE.

This latest addition to the PantoneLIVE digital colour library suite, Private Library Manager, targets packaging brands striving for meticulous colour uniformity across their products and communications. With this new ability to add custom brand colours to the PantoneLIVE ecosystem, brands can leverage pure spectral values throughout the production process to reproduce brand colours on a variety of substrates using various printing technologies and ink types. Together with existing X-Rite solutions, packaging brands and their suppliers can easily and securely share colour data between formulation and quality control software, PantoneLIVE, and colour measurement devices for a truly connected workflow.

McKee emphasised the significance of Autura Ink and PantoneLIVE Private Library Manager as pivotal cloud-based enhancements for customers. ‘Autura Ink streamlines the entire ink management process, ensuring efficiency and precision across various printing technologies. Meanwhile, PantoneLIVE Private Library Manager offers packaging brands unparalleled colour consistency, regardless of substrate or printing method. By leveraging these cutting-edge cloud-based solutions alongside our existing offerings, we’re empowering our customers to foster greater collaboration and efficiency throughout their workflows, ultimately delivering superior results and driving success in the marketplace.’

The teams from Esko, X-Rite, Pantone and Enfocus invite all drupa attendees to visit a special Innovation Lab located on the booth to preview prototypes that are at advanced stages of development, including a new AI-assisted decision-making tool for upstream packaging project specifications. Additionally, Pantone will be revealing a special teaser for the first time on a new digital product that will bring an innovative layer of sophistication and insights to the colour decision-making process so designers can smartly craft their artwork with colours that are on trend and resonant with their target customers.

Lastly, as partners in drupa touchpoint packaging, both Esko and X-Rite will be prominently featured at the touchpoint packaging booth.

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