Xeikon has received the Graydon award to indicate that it is a financially healthy company and reliable to do business with in its industry. The company announced that it had tripled its net profit and that it had a 16% EBITDA growth in comparison with 2010. 

The Graydon awards are only granted to organisations that meet a number of strict criteria. To be awarded, a company has to obtain a positive credit status with a minimal chance of unreliable payment. The judgment is made on a mix of factors such as turnover numbers, yearly business results and payment conduct. With its database being updated on a daily basis, users of Graydon services can be certain to work with the most complete financial and market data. 

Wim Maes, CEO of Xeikon, said, The Graydon award confirms that we are a financially stable company. Our customers and partners can rest assured that Xeikon is a reliable business partner. According to Graydon, only 3% of all Dutch companies truly have their financial act under control. And we are a part of this select group.

Gertjan Kaart, General Director at Graydon, said, With the Graydon award, companies can distinguish themselves from their competitors. It is a clear confirmation of financial health and reliable cooperation with its partners and customers.