Xeikon Showcasing Labelling And Packaging Solutions In Brussels

Xeikon Showcasing Labelling And Packaging Solutions In Brussels
ECO toner will be available for the Xeikon CX300.

Focused on helping converters succeed by making label and packaging production easier and highly sustainable, Xeikon will present new innovations to drive progress and greener growth.

Xeikon is set to unveil important new advancements at Labelexpo Europe, taking its Cheetah technology to new heights with the introduction of Cheetah 3.0. Leveraging the success of the CHEETAH Series of toner presses, this latest iteration represents another significant leap forward in sustainable production. By incorporating groundbreaking innovations, Cheetah 3.0 is poised to revolutionise the manufacturing of labels and packaging, playing a pivotal role in minimising the industry’s carbon footprint.

ECO Toner

As the company’s next-generation, food-safe toner, new Xeikon ECO toner is uniquely formulated with over 60% high-grade recycled PET, making it the ideal solution for environmentally conscious packaging applications. By harnessing the power of recycled materials, this innovative toner not only meets the ever-growing demand for sustainability but also ensures compliance with the increasingly stringent regulations governing packaging components and recyclability. ECO toner will be available for the high-end presses in the CHEETAH Series: the Xeikon CX300 and Xeikon CX500.

‘With its exceptional print quality, high reliability and eco-friendly composition, ECO toner makes a meaningful contribution to Xeikon’s unwavering commitment to delivering both high-performance and environmentally responsible printing solutions,’ commented Filip Weymans, Xeikon Vice President of Marketing. ‘Using ECO toner can reduce the carbon footprint of the printing operation by 10%, and importantly, it will not increase costs unlike other eco solutions. We are also proud to say that all Xeikon toners remain the market’s most food-safe technology for digital printing.’

To guarantee the highest quality and lower waste hence lower cost, Xeikon has developed the Quality Measurement Module (QMM) which can be fitted on all Cheetah 3.0 CX Series presses as an option. The QMM will be responsible for the quality assurance of the printed output, closely monitoring the density and registration throughout the print run. ‘By eliminating waste and guaranteeing high quality, the Xeikon QMM will allow printers to deliver perfect labels to their customers more cost-effectively,’ said Weymans. ‘It is another great innovation from Xeikon that helps to support the advancement of sustainability in digital label production.’

To present the exact eco profile of each solution, Xeikon has devised a new Sustainability Scorecard which offers a more transparent means of proving compliance with various regulations and also help brand owners with their sustainability goals. The Scorecard will analyse (illustrate) the carbon footprint of each Xeikon press, right down to the individual components of the consumables. It will identify food compliance, VOCs emissions, recyclability and energy use to give a complete overview.

When applied to the Xeikon Panther Series of inkjet presses configured with new PantherCure LED inks, the Scorecard will demonstrate why they are the most sustainable digital label presses on the market from a carbon footprint perspective. With UV LED ink technology, Xeikon has enhanced the capabilities of the Panther presses, providing extended application reach and a larger colour gamut, increased image quality, improved ink adhesion, reduced downtime, and lower energy use and ink consumption in the process to equip printers with an exceptional tool for optimal performance.

Xeikon will also use Labelexpo 2023 as the European premiere for its new TITON toner technology, which has been developed to meet market demands for paper-based flexible packaging applications, such as stand-up pouches and sachets.

The first press presented with TITON technology is the Xeikon TX-500, which prints in up to five colours at 30m/min in a resolution of 1200dpi. The 520mm wide press will be instrumental in opening up new market opportunities in paper-based labels and flexible packaging, helping converters to future-proof their businesses and respond to consumers’ concerns for the environment. ACM in Italy, as one of the first Beta sites to install the new technology, reports a growing appetite for short runs of paper-based pouches, which the company sells through its online portal.

As a next step in digitalising label production, Xeikon will be showing the Xeikon TX-500 press running live in line with a digital embellishment module from Kurz. Producing full-colour, high-end labels with digital foil, the combined solution will demonstrate how easy it is to supply luxury markets, such as the wine and spirits segment, with high-impact, sustainable labels through an all-digital process.

Xeikon will again take part in the Automation Arena 2023 where the benefits of connected workflows with high levels of automation will be presented. Set up to demonstrate fully automated label production, from artwork PDF to final dispatch of label rolls, the Automation Arena will bring together leading suppliers to the industry, who will collaborate to present the possibilities and advantages of a unified workflow. Automation not only addresses the market challenges of staff shortages and unskilled workers, but also reduces waste at every level, thereby increasing sustainability.

Xeikon will also feature as part of the new dedicated Sustainability Trail and the Flex Pack Trail, further highlighting the benefits of the company’s new solutions including ECO toner, Sustainability Scorecard, and TITON technology.

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