The company has released version 6 of :Fortuna security printing software, which protects banknotes, prevents ID theft, and brand counterfeiting. The new version offers new modules and feature upgrades that improve ease of use while adding an even greater level of security.

Version 6 includes new modules, an easy-to-use rainbow tool and guilloche wizard which increase the software’s high security capabilities. Module upgrades include special raster improvements, improved UV preview, better scaling and path definitions, advanced crystal patterns and an improved line-generator. These improvements also increase security options and ease of use. 

Designed for the highest security applications, such as banknotes, :Fortuna is also used for ID-card security, brand protection, document security, tax labelling and packaging to prevent counterfeiting and theft. 

This new version of :Fortuna is a confirmation of Agfa Graphics investment in security printing. It provides more combinations to increase the level of security. It makes the creation of security documents simple, yet highly secured. With the new version, anti-counterfeiting is brought to the next level, said Koen Heyndrickx, Business Manager Security Software Solutions. 

Rainbow printing, also known as split-duct printing, is a colouring process used to protect against colour separation and copying by subtly merging colours. :Fortuna’s new Rainbow module is an interactive tool that lets the user define inks, the number of transitions as well as the width and the position of the separators. It generates natural blending of colours digitally. The Rainbow Tool adds extra complexity to the design, yet it is very easy to control, resulting in a significant time reduction during the design phase and clear communication to production. 

The Guilloche Wizard module enhances the creation of standard guilloches. The Guilloche Wizard combined with the Guilloche library and the Generator, lets the user control and edit guilloches individually, based on predefined characteristics. 

:Fortuna v6 has 24 (optional) modules in total. They provide a wide assortment of state-of-the art tools and the new modules and improvements give designers a new level of security, while increasing the ease of use.

An improved special rasters tool selects and applies the colours of the reference file to fill the object. This results in a better reproduction of the raster image. A map reference option ensures colour integrity.

The new UV Preview makes all options available immediately and the naming of Path Definitions enhances ease of use.

Proportional Scaling is more accessible and the Line Generator Preview lets the user print a proof of the latent image result.

Extra offset parameters and dynamic sliders for the Crystal Patterns tool help define the offset position of the objects to patterns.

The version also offers additional Default Shapes and improved File Import and Export functionality.