Agfa Graphics has announced the latest version of its :Fortuna Security Printing Software. :Fortuna 7 features new advanced design security features and external verification tools for thwarting counterfeiters.

:Fortuna 7, used in securing and preventing counterfeiting and theft around the world, is designed for use in the highest security printing applications, such as banknotes, ID-cards, brand protection, documents, tax labelling and packaging. 

Using both digital and conventional print, Agfa Graphics has discovered new ways to include patterns in printed designs. The more complex the designs, the higher the security. 

The new design tools in :Fortuna 7 are helping users stay one step ahead, providing more than 26 tools to help keep brands, sensitive documents and packaging safe and secure, said Koen Heyndrickx, Agfa Graphics’ Business Manager Security Software Solutions. Agfa Graphics has been actively participating in security and anti-counterfeiting measures for many years and is a reliable partner to many government institutions and private industry worldwide. 

:Fortuna 7 software features different levels of verification tools – both for the expert and for non-qualified end users who can simply determine a true product from a fake one. With yearly releases, Agfa Graphics shows consistency in the product’s development, from software to workflow, in close cooperation with the industry.