Agfa Graphics Introduces Fourth Version Of Arziro Design


The fourth version of Arziro Design is a complete, dedicated ecosystem for the general security printing market. This Adobe Illustrator plug-in update includes a host of new functions and two new features: a comprehensive guilloche generator and, for validated security printers and government entities, rainbow colouring capabilities to prevent forgeries and counterfeiting.

Where previous versions of Arziro Design were equipped with a guilloche library, this version also includes a guilloche generator. This allows the user to create guilloches that can be combined with other tools to create complex, state-of-the-art security design in Adobe Illustrator on Mac or PC. The design software is extremely user-friendly and offers endless possibilities.

‘Counterfeiters are always looking for new ways to forge security prints. Therefore, in order to create effective security documents, adequate and reliable tools are needed. Arziro Design is constantly evolving to enable new security features and better performance’, Andy Grant, global head of software at Agfa Graphics, explained. ‘Our tools and solutions ensure effective security printing and counteract the methods used by forgers to clone, falsify or illicitly use security documents.’

Rainbow or iris printing is a rainbow colouring process used in security printing to prevent colour-accurate reproduction of the document by photocopiers or scanners. It protects security documents against colour separation or copying by subtly merging colours into each other, resulting in a gradual colour change. The new rainbow functionality in Arziro Design allows security designers to view the rainbow inks while creating the document, create inkjet proofs with the rainbow print visible and generate the correct output for print.

Arziro Design is a dedicated product for the general security market and excels in user-friendliness. Unlike similar solutions, Arziro is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator and, as such, does not run in a proprietary environment. This new version includes additional functionality in multiple modules that will boost the productivity for the creation of custom security designs.

‘With Arziro, designers can enrich existing Adobe Illustrator designs with security design elements,’ Grant explained. ‘Our solution offers the best of both worlds: users can choose from pre-defined parameters or create unique ones.’

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