The company demonstrated a fully integrated approach to card personalisation, card management and fulfillment at CARTES 2011, Paris, from November 15th to 17th. The company also highlighted various opportunities for its modular and highly versatile system solutions.
The company presented the following systems:

  • PERSOLINE  – the innovative high performance system for ID card personalisation.
  • NEW PERSOMAIL  – a card mailing system that combines flexibility of application and absolute processing security for mid-range production volumes.
  • VERSAMAIL ‚Äì a solution that meets customer requirements for high volume card mailings.
  • Software Suite PMP, including PMP-production, PMP-instant and PMP-lifecycle, – a comprehensive, powerful and highly secure software-platform for the efficient management of card production, personalisation and mailing. The platform can be expanded with modules allowing both instant issuance and card lifecycle management.

As a solutions provider we are pleased to share our full line of card personalisation, mailing and management solutions with CARTES 2011 participants, said Carl-Michael He?ºveldop, Vice President Card Systems Atlantic Zeiser. 

These integrated systems demonstrate the flexibility of our modular approach. They range from our innovative and high performance PERSOLINE system for ID card personalisation, the PERSOMAIL for versatile, compact and cost efficient solutions for automated card mailing in the middle performance segment and the VERSAMAIL system for high-volume card mailings up to the software suite PMP, a comprehensive, powerful and highly secure software-platform for the efficient management of card production, personalisation and mailing. This advanced software suite can be expanded on demand with modules enabling both instant issuance and card lifecycle management. This approach of a one-stop shop will change the way card manufacturers think about their options to handle both new and existing business opportunities.
PERSOLINE is a powerful and versatile platform that can be easily configured with a wide range of system modules to handle specific applications. The advanced high speed solution offers significantly lower costs for consumables using innovative DoD Inkjet printing technology for full face edge-to-edge card surface printing and personalisation. The product provides more versatility by integration of various module options in combination with different perso technologies. Varnishing with a UV curable protective layer for superior abrasion and scratch resistance increases the quality of each produced card. With the CoolShield lamination module, a high level of security and flexibility in the choice of card materials is guaranteed.
PERSOMAIL is a versatile, compact and cost efficient solution for automated card mailing in the middle performance segment. The innovative solution can process all common card types, reaching speeds of up to 3 000 cards per hour. Personalised cards can be fed by up to four feeders at random as an integrated printer personalizes the card carriers on demand. Cut sheet printers with several paper trays allow for selective draw-off of different forms. After card attaching, the inserting unit folds the card carriers (Z-, C- and V-fold), accumulates multi-page sets and selectively adds up to six enclosures. Finally, the mail pieces are inserted into envelopes. Using the companys new control and production software, operations become very easy. The software is based on MS Windows 7 and appears in a uniform graphical user interface (GUI). The integration of a new camera based verification system VERICAM E guarantees the highest level of production security and integrity.

VERSAMAIL is a modular and cost efficient finishing and mailing system for a wide variety of applications ranging from simple card attaching up to more complex attach and match or attach and personalize jobs required for promotion card packaging or envelope-less loyalty card mailing. VERSAMAIL offers a running speed of up to 28 000 products per hour while still allowing a high degree of flexibility and a low cost of ownership through short setup times and simple operation. High attach precisions are achieved using special Atlantic Zeiser designed pivotable Pick & Place feeders. The product offers various folding options and allows inline high quality carrier printing of variable data like numbers, barcodes and addresses. It provides Card Fulfillment Perso Bureaus with new service opportunities and enables them to cost-effectively boost their productivity in the booming markets for card packaging and card mailing.
The comprehensive, powerful and highly secure software suite PMP enables card production, instant issuance, enrollment and lifecycle management. The suite’s modular concept allows users to choose different PMP features for their specific requirements. In addition, PMP Software can be used in conjunction with diverse existing manufacturers’ production systems. The suite comprises PMP-Production, PMP-Instant and PMP-Lifecycle, and is based on a modular platform that enables users to add different PMP features to their infrastructure as their business evolves. The suite has been developed in accordance with the card markets strict security regulations and meets international standards.