Grafisk Maskinfabrik Introduces Labelling Solution


The NEW DC350NANO is an ultra compact, cost-effective unit for self-adhesive lamination, semi-rotary die-cutting and length slitting of label web widths up to 350mm.

While featuring the same benefits as the older 330mm web width Nano model, the DC350NANO offers higher speed in semi-rotary mode, up from 32m/min to 45m/min, and comes in a new design consistent with the entire 350mm line.

Measuring only 1600 x 1600 x 1700mm, the unit is the most compact unit in GM’s series of label finishing machines. It is built on a solid 20mm metal frame to ensure vibration-free operation of the servo motors that drive the web. Lamination, die-cutting, slitting and rewinding come as standard, with the option to add online support and remote service, buffer module for in-line converting, Kocher+Beck Gap Master, advanced stripping roller system and extra mark reader. Webs in widths up to 350mm and max substrate thickness of 200 microns can be converted.

‘We continue to push the boundaries and further develop our product line,’ said CEO Uffe Nielsen, ‘and as digital label printing continues to grow, label printing companies are realising the need for all-inclusive systems that provide value-adding features for producing fully finished labels. This compact, but versatile unit is ideal as a converter for a small digital press or as a backup to an existing finishing line, and it fits nicely into our 350mm portfolio.’

The unit can be set up as an in-line extension to any digital label press, allowing the web to continue directly into the converter, or it can work as a standard offline unit. With semi-rotary die-cutting, lamination and a genuine pneumatic knife box with crush knives, it offers everything needed for short-run digital label production, but it can also work as a simple die cutter for the production of blank labels.

The new machine can be supplied with full connectivity through GM’s VPN GATEWAY solution for remote diagnostics, service and support using a secure internet connection. This establishes access through the firewall of the existing wired network infrastructure to provide remote access for on-demand, real-time servicing.

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