Fedrigoni Develops Paper For Face Masks


A special ‘virostatic’ paper with chemical properties that creates a hostile environment for Covid-19 is being used to make protective face coverings. The new paper will be provided to converters, printers and companies that produce face masks, who will customise them and add any missing features such as reusable elastic.

The Fedrigoni Group is also considering using it to produce personal protection for its 4000 employees in its offices and production sites. The plants in Friuli, where it will be produced and cut, have recently received the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials certification, which guarantees compliance with the highest security standards that are also applied to papers designed for food use.

The group was able to produce an FSC-certified, pure cellulose and cotton paper that is non-toxic, recyclable, can be worn comfortably and, above all, has a chemical composition that makes life very difficult for Covid-19. This development is particularly important since millions of single-use face masks are now being used outside, in shops and workplaces, a necessity that up to now had not been adequately considered. This new, strong paper with its filtering properties will be sold all over the world and produced in Friuli by Fedrigoni plants at Cordenons.

‘Fedrigoni played an important role at the height of the crisis by keeping operations going all over the world in its factories and warehouses, whilst complying with health and safety rules for workers,’ stated the group’s CEO, Marco Nespolo, ‘and we want to continue to be available to help during the next months. We tapped into our technical skills and responded quickly to emerging needs to develop a high-performing, affordable material, which was perfect for the production of protective face coverings due to its chemical composition that makes the viability of the virus extremely difficult.’

This development of a bench filter paper (used to protect laboratory benches and for phase separation) has the same properties as products for food use. The Group’s Research and Development team worked together to make the paper available as quickly as possible, producing a material that is strong and comfortable to wear, non-toxic, recyclable, and is made of FSC-certified cellulose and cotton fibres that mean it adapts easily to the shape of a human face and is delicate on skin.

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