Esko Announces Strategic Packaging Software Partnership

Esko Announces Strategic Packaging Software Partnership

Packitoo HIPE is an omnichannel solution that centralises all leads and projects, capturing online requests as well as internal sales activity. Esko has announced a technology partnership with Packitoo, with its ArtiosCAD, Automation Engine and Share and Approve software integrated into the Packitoo HIPE web-to-pack solution.

The move sees Esko’s structural design software, workflow automation and approval viewer powering the workflows for users of the HIPE digital sales tool. ‘HIPE is a sales tool dedicated to folding carton and corrugated packaging, delivering a tailor-made digital sales process to businesses,’ said Thomas Othax, CEO of Packitoo. ‘Our goal is to digitise the packaging industry, from lead generation to production, so integrating Esko’s structural design and approval software was a real must for us.’

‘Today, HIPE is a complete software suite to efficiently manage the everyday sales process of a carton converter,’ said Othax. ‘On top of managing the process, some modules even automate part of it. Through the configurator connected to ArtiosCAD, part of the structural design science can be automated, guiding the sales reps, and even the clients, to configure custom packaging the right way. Through the pricing module, you can automate and accelerate the cost estimation process, ensuring human experts can focus on strategic and high added value business opportunities.’

‘By reducing time to market, minimising human errors, enabling customisation and delivering instant dialling up or down to meet small and medium orders, HIPE helps boost revenues and optimise profitability,’ he added. ‘It saves time throughout the chain, from the sales reps and estimation all the way to the structural design and prepress teams. With HIPE managing vital knowledge and company know-how, it provides an easy-to-use and efficient tool to collaborators.’

The partnership sees Esko ArtiosCAD structural engineering software, the latest generation Automation Engine prepress workflow automation, and its Share and Approve approval management technology provide the power at the heart of HIPE. The combined technologies deliver a comprehensive packaging configurator tool as well as a complete CRM, project and task management all the way up to approval – and even automated pricing.

‘We are proud to partner with a young company like Packitoo on such an innovative and exciting project,’ said Eddy Fadel, Vice President and General Manager of Esko’s packaging suppliers business unit. ‘We are dedicated to developing solutions that accelerate the go-to-market of packaged goods, and our ethos aligns perfectly with that of Packitoo. Our technical team has enjoyed working with everyone at Packitoo to ensure HIPE delivers on the promise of saving time and maximising turnover,’ added Fidel. ‘We look forward to continuing this partnership and are already looking to the next step on this journey.’

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