Enfocus Announces New Software Release


Enfocus BoardingPass is a standalone application that allows sales and customer service agents in print to instantly validate PDF files. Integrated with an email client, BoardingPass points out errors that would require a file to be sent back to the customer for resubmission, and automatically drafts a reply.

Without having to wait for prepress intervention, BoardingPass gives customer service agents the power to provide customers with understandable feedback. Starting in July, BoardingPass will be offered as a public beta.

‘When talking to customers, we noticed a lot of frustration among printers who are hindered by long turnaround times getting feedback from prepress before they can reply to a customer,’ said Andrew Bailes-Collins, Senior Product Manager, Enfocus. ‘This creates an enormous sense of frustration for both the customer and the printer, and has a knock-on effect in production and customer satisfaction. BoardingPass empowers customer-facing staff to be able to easily analyse a PDF file and respond to a customer within minutes, not hours or days.’

BoardingPass will instantly communicate an understandable reply to the file supplier, saving customer service time and prepress resources. Customers get an understandable takeaway that enables them to keep their print project on schedule. Prepress staff gain confidence in PDF quality, knowing that incoming jobs have received a BoardingPass approval.

‘It is frustrating for a customer to think their order is being worked on, only to find out days later that file adjustments need to be made. Prepress teams are using PitStop Pro to perform preflight, which is a very technical product. So, we envisioned an easy-to-use tool which gives the CSR the power to do basic file checking upfront.’

Switch is the automation platform and foundation for unifying workflow. PitStop is the validation and repair solution for automating PDF file processes. BoardingPass is the frontline PDF gatekeeper for checking files into a print production workflow. As the newest member of the Enfocus product family, BoardingPass is waiting to be tried and tested.

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