CHILI Publish Releasing New Software Version


Version 6 of CHILI publisher consists of the most elaborate feature set to date. It is available as a SaaS solution (CHILI publisher Online) and empowers users to give customers self-service access within any e-commerce, branding, marketing, print, or visual creation set-up. Version 6 includes improvements to enhance the user experience, improve content control, and tune PDF output.

The company will release this version on June 15. New features facilitate the online editing user experience and speed up the flawless production of on-brand visuals. Its SaaS solution, CHILI publisher Online, also features the revolutionary Dynamic Layouts concept. This technique enables users to adjust elements on the canvas by relative – not absolute – values. Any original design within a Smart Template can now be turned into any custom-size visual by any user.

Following enhancements are included:

– Property formulas.
– Selectable reference points for transformations.
– Leading and tracking controls for copy fitting.
– New cropping mode.
– Custom path editor.
– Font subsets for PDF output.

Dynamic  Layouts is a new methodology for building the most flexible Smart Templates using a combination of alternate layouts, object anchoring, and a new property formulas option. It starts with a whole new way of positioning elements on a canvas. Instead of starting from an origin point and using a transformation matrix (x and y coordinates, scale, and rotation) with absolute values in inches, mm, px, or degrees of rotation, Dynamic Layouts use relative values. These can be relative to canvas size, another element’s position/size/rotation, variables or any data source (PIM, DAM, etc.)

Customers can now create a single template that can accommodate output of literally any size while the content can reflow in a pre-planned, intelligent way. Practically, this means any design can be turned into one Smart Template in CHILI publisher. With Dynamic Layouts, that unique design creates outdoor signage, a beach flag, floor sticker, an email header, a webpage header, a LinkedIn graphic, an Instagram post, a Facebook ad, anything. Users can now DIY their own visuals without burdening the designer or marketing department. Smart Templates will make sure that the brand guidelines are protected at all times.

Scaling variables to leverage content scaling

Allowing everything on the page to be sized and positioned relative to page elements and the page itself unlocks a new level of flexibility. It makes it possible to create insanely intelligent templates with minimal effort. Just plug in the pixel dimension and out pops a perfectly sized graphic that’s ready to go. Any marketer, brand owner, printer, or user can scale visuals, leverage content creation everywhere and scale the content distribution worldwide.

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