Xerox Partner Repositions Its Business


Harel Mallac Bureautique, a long term partner of Xerox based in Mauritius, recently changed its name to EO Solutions Ltd. (EO) as part of its rebranding and repositioning. The company aims to be viewed as a ‘one-stop shop’ provider for workplace systems and solutions to improve productivity.

At a customer launch event held at Casela World of Adventures, Cascavelle, in May, Alain Ah-Sue, MD of EO explained the company’s repositioning, ‘Our evolution from year to year has led us to expand our services and the range of products proposed to do more than office automation.’

‘EO’s ambition is to improve the efficiency of companies and ensure that their activities are conducted in the best possible conditions. We have adopted an integrated approach that requires a complete understanding of the needs of our customers to create tailor-made solutions for them. This is the added value of EO.’

Bytes Document Solutions’ regional manager, Olivier Merven said, ‘EO, previously known as Harel Mallac Bureautique, has been the sole authorised distributor for Xerox in Mauritius for over half a century. This demonstrates its ability to deliver for its clients in the Mauritian market.’

Bytes Document Solutions is the exclusive authorised Xerox distributor in 26 sub-Saharan countries. Merven emphasised EO’s commitment to Xerox, ‘In 2016 the company invested in the necessary skills to achieve Xerox Managed Print Services accreditation. This process is strictly controlled to ensure that qualifying partners offer the correct skillsets, robust processes and a commitment to consistent service delivery.’

EO currently employs some 170 people and offers a wide range of branded services and products such as Xerox, Glory, Fujifilm and EBA. Its solutions are targeted at many industries such as banks, hotels, printers, communication and design agencies, educational institutions, among others. EO also counts among its clients small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as private and public companies and administrations.

Dany Blackburn, manager of EO, said, ‘Our goal is to create efficient workplaces so that businesses can run smoothly. Our approach highlights where certain areas of a business are wasting time and resources which then, in turn, can help to increase overall productivity and reduce costs.’

‘As the preferred partner, we want to simplify the everyday business tasks of our customers, so that they can concentrate on what generates value to their stakeholders,’ said Blackburn.

According to Blackburn, ‘EO’ means ‘in advance’ in Latin. The company is committed to being an engine of innovation.

EO was recently awarded the Top Selling Xerox Distributor in sub-Sahara Africa by Bytes Document Solutions. The awards took place at the annual Achievers and Honours awards event held at the Indaba Hotel, Johannesburg.

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