Kemtek Announces South African Availability Of Nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processing System


Less maintenance, less downtime and lower operating costs are some of the key features of the nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processor. The product incorporates the speed of thermal plate making with plate and print quality, and offers a smart design with an enhanced user interface. The distinctive characteristics of the processor provide unprecedented control and allow for more consistent and stable plate production encompassing.

Intelligent configuration of the nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processor allows for fewer components, so there is less maintenance, less downtime and lower operating costs associated with its operation. The processor’s zoned heating system is built around a highly efficient IR assembly, which provides precise monitoring of the heat distribution across the drum width and into the plate. The controlled heat imparts better dimensional stability to the plate backing, affording increased stability and consistency to plate processing. The accurate regulation of the heat eliminates the need for a chiller. Additionally, the nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processor is packed with user-friendly features for an enhanced user experience.

At the heart of the processing system lies the nyloflex Thermal printing plates, specifically formulated to perform exceptionally well in the nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processor. The first of these plates, nyloflex XPH and nyloflex XPM Digital Printing Plates, offer extraordinary detail. Specially developed to print on paper at high line screens of 200+ lpi, nyloflex Thermal Plates are capable of printing the finest highlight dots up to 50% smaller in size than the minimum printed dot of the market leading thermal plate. The nyloflex XFH Digital flat top plate, soon-to-be-released, will be the perfect choice for printing brilliant solids on film substrates. The thermal plates are suitable for use with virtually any ink system, including solvent based, water based, or UV.

Further benefits can be realised in the engineered fabric of the nyloflex Developer Rolls, designed to be highly efficient and environmentally friendly. A unique fibre shape provides an optimal surface area to retain molten polymer, resulting in a material that is 30% less dense, requires 33% less material to manufacture and produces 33% less waste after use in plate processing than standard developer rolls. Nyloflex Developer Rolls are offered in three widths to maximise the efficiency of use with various plate sizes. The special fabric design and variable width options result in a material that is noticeably lighter and easier for operators to handle.