Xeikon announced that TagG Informatique will be the first printer to install Xeikon’s new digital printing press using its breakthrough high quality Trillium liquid toner printing technology.

Xeikon Trillium is a liquid toner printing technology which was unveiled at drupa 2012. The four-colour press prints at a speed of 60 metres (200 feet) per minute at 1200 dpi, with a print width of 500mm (19.7 inches).

Lab tests have already demonstrated the ability to increase throughput to a speed of 120 metres (400 feet) per minute in the future. Its combination of cost-effectiveness, high quality and speed adds a new dimension to the world of digital printing that has not previously existed in the marketplace. Trillium-based presses are specifically designed for high quality production of high volume direct marketing materials, transactional documents, books, catalogs and magazines.

TagG Informatique company has been in business for more than two decades and produces direct mail, promotional material, financial and other documents for large corporate clients. The company has a diverse production platform with specialiSed equipment dedicated to producing various applications, making it the ideal field test site for Xeikon’s Trillium-based press.
Hervé Lesseur, Managing Director of TagG Informatique said, ‘I had the pleasure of seeing Trillium first-hand last year during Xeikon’s customer engagement process, and I was really impressed with what I saw. I’m convinced that Xeikon Trillium will be a game-changer for the printing market, so I signed up right away for early installation of the new press. I am thrilled to be selected as the first printer worldwide to work with the new technology.

‘Trillium is the perfect combination of cost, speed and high quality. In addition, I have the freedom to use paper substrates of choice, and will be able to produce the highest quality output my clients require. The ability to support IPDS data, which is highly important to print high quality transactional work, is another important benefit. I am looking forward to introducing my client base to the exciting new capabilities enabled by Trillium and leveraging this new press for added business growth.’
Wim Maes, CEO of Xeikon added, ‘We are extremely pleased to be working with TagG Informatique on the first Trillium field test. This innovative customer, who wants to leverage this breakthrough technology to compete even more effectively on quality, has the right mix of applications as well as extensive experience in digital printing. This fits perfectly in our strategy for Trillium and will ensure a well-rounded field test. We are looking forward to getting their valuable feedback about press performance to help us improve the technology even more as we prepare it for commercial availability.’