Xeikon Showcasing Innovations In Printing And Labelling


Xeikon will showcase future-proofing technologies that take automating self-adhesive label application production to the next level.

The company will participate in the Automation Arena at Labelexpo Americas. This will be the American debut of the Automation Arena, which was first presented at Labelexpo Europe in 2017. Demonstrating the impact of end-to-end workflow, the Automation Arena will be open to visitors throughout the biennial conference, running from September 25-27.

The arena will feature the industry 4.0 automated self-adhesive digital label printing production process. Innovative live demonstrations will be supported by a total of 13 leading industry hardware, software and materials suppliers, including Xeikon and its Aura Partners.

The process that encourages audience participation will cover:

-Interactive order creation with CERM MIS system managing data and files.
-Job preflight from Esko’s powerful prepress tools that will send files straight to the Xeikon X-800 digital front end where all the process and print instructions will be processed on the FDA-approved, dry toner Xeikon CX3 digital label press integrated with Xeikon laser die-cutting unit.
-Inspection by an AVT camera on the grafotronic which is linked to the MIS system, will automatically stop the machine whenever a defective label is detected so that any necessary repairs can take place.
-Automatic waste removal by the Matho Cuttobag waste management system that allows continuous, uninterrupted production.
-Unique roll coding for warehousing via Xeikon Metadata, delivery and customer invoicing using customer information supplied by the MIS system.

When Xeikon’s CX3 digital label press is integrated with Xeikon laser die-cutting unit with UV varnish station, label shops can achieve 100% digital die cutting flexibility. In addition, the automatic slitter reduces bottlenecks in the finishing station and supports end-to-end label digital label production workflow.

Three 30-minute demonstrations will be held on the first two days of the show, and a further two on the last day at 11am and 1pm. Each session will be filmed live and visitors will be able to see every detailed aspect of the job relayed via large screens.

Mike Fairley, Automation Arena lead and Labelexpo strategic consultant said, ‘In an era of ever-decreasing run lengths, production bottlenecks, plus shorter lead and delivery times, it seems certain that increasing automation in tomorrow’s label and shrink sleeve plants will become a necessity for their successful performance and profitability. The Automation Arena will provide an important showcase at Labelexpo Americas 2018 of just what is now becoming feasible.’

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