Xaar Launches Its First Larger Drop Printhead For UV Applications


Xaar has launched the 1002 GS12U printhead; its first larger drop printhead for UV applications.

The printhead extends the Xaar 1002 family of printheads, and gives the UV inkjet printing market a choice of printheads to suit specific applications. The greyscale Xaar 1002 GS12 jets drop volumes from 12-84pl, enabling a range of drop sizes to be printed with a single printhead.

The large-drop capability of this flexible printhead, combined with Xaar’s patented TF Technology™ ink recirculation, makes it ideal for printing high-build spot varnishes and extra-opaque whites onto labels and direct-to-shape packaging (in both horizontal and vertical printing modes).

The Xaar 1002 GS12 complements the Xaar 1002 GS6 (6-42pl) variant for UV applications, launched last year, which is designed for applications where high-resolution text and images with smooth tones are important. Like the GS6, the GS12 delivers exceptional print quality and reliability to manufacturers of UV printers worldwide. It is a highly versatile printhead and enables a choice of speed depending on the application without compromising on quality e.g. high ink volume at high speed or lower ink volume at super-fast production speeds.

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