Why LED-UV Curing Is The Financially-Savvy Choice

Why LED-UV Curing Is The Sustainable Choice

The UV curing process has revolutionised the printing industry over the past 30 years. Focus Label outlines how LED UV curing technology can save businesses money.

LED-UV is about to push the digital inkjet and flexographic printing processes to the forefront of economic and environmental thoughts on future production. The technology gives businesses far greater scope for fast printing on a range of label and packaging substrates with less down time and reduced clean downs, while consuming less energy and emitting fewer harmful irritants.

Flexographic and digital printing machines combine the latest inkjet technology with UV curing capabilities to deliver vibrant results on label substrates and packaging. With no printing plates, jobs can be changed over in seconds, making digital UV printing the ideal solution for small volume, variable information runs where quality cannot be compromised.

Cost savings 

For those looking for a quick Return on Investment (ROI) from a new printing press, UV curing-enabled equipment will more than meet their expectations, with a healthy ROI likely within as little as three years.

A fully optimised printing process

With LED-UV curing systems, the equipment is ready to use the moment it is switched on. Unlike conventional mercury lamp curing, there is no lengthy warm up time. Instead, the print run can be started as soon as required, while instant curing eliminates the problems of extended drying time.

Lower energy bills

In the current climate, where energy prices are soaring globally, it’s vital that businesses find effective ways to reduce their production expenditure. Compared to conventional mercury lamps, LED bulbs use considerably less electricity, and, with no warm up time or lengthy drying, your equipment will consume less energy, thereby reducing your overheads.

A versatile, time-saving solution

Digital printing presses that feature an LED-UV curing system can be adapted to any production line to meet your business’s specific needs and it may be possible to upgrade your existing press to reduce your initial investment.


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