Wausau Coated Products Launches Emulsion Acrylic Permanent Adhesive

Wausau Coated Products Inc Launches Emulsion Acrylic Permanent Adhesive

The New Wash-Away Adhesive Solution WA-769 is an emulsion acrylic permanent adhesive with good initial tack and adhesion to most surfaces.

The company is offering WA-769 wash-away adhesive on two of its most popular roll label facestocks: 70# Bright White Felt with 30% PCW and Wet Strength (WS) and 60# Estate Label® #8 Vellum with (WS). These products are an ideal choice for facilities where bottles are returned, rinsed and cleaned for reuse. In addition to the wash-away adhesive properties, when these label stocks are immersed in an ice bucket, they will remain affixed, keeping the label intact due to their wet strength properties.

‘Wash-Away adhesives are becoming more popular as an eco-friendly way to reuse glass packaging,’ stated Adam Frey, Director, North American Sales, Wausau Coated Products. ‘We paired this unique adhesive with a 90% PCR content 1.2 Mil r-PET liner and sustainable facestocks when developing these two new products. Our customers continue to come to us to for wash-away solutions and we are happy to support their efforts with this new adhesive.’


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