More than 150 loyal Kodak customers from 18 countries attended the 7th annual Graphic Users Association of Kodak Solutions (GUA) Conference, held in Belgium from 4-5 October.

Delegates representing the commercial, publishing and packaging sectors discovered how to use their KODAK Technology more effectively and overcome the specific challenges they face. A wide range of topics was discussed at the Conference, including making money from web to print, leveraging cross-media in integrated marketing campaigns, using offset and digital to create a cost-effective hybrid set-up, and how to step up from print service provider to marketing service provider.

The Conference is valued highly by Kodak customers because it gives them a chance to talk one to one with the company’s expert technical team who advise them on how to get more out of their KODAK Solutions, as well as from their print environment in general.

Attendees also found the Conference to be an excellent platform to meet other Kodak customers facing similar challenges, and share ideas on the best way to take their respective businesses forward, forming long-lasting relationships along the way.

The GUA is a worldwide, independent, not-for-profit organisation, created for KODAK Technology users by KODAK Technology users. Its aim is to empower users of KODAK Solutions, and provide them with the tools and information needed for business successes.

The European branch of the Association Board, which governs the activities of the European Association, comprises seven Kodak customers and two Kodak representatives.