Kodak Inkjet Printing Technology Creates Promo Postcards For Cinema Release

Kodak Inkjet Printing Technology Creates Promo Postcards For Cinema Release

Recognising the opportunity to contribute to the multi-award-winning Poor Things film’s immersive experience, Kodak eagerly stepped in to help bring this vision to life on the printed page.

A collaboration between film production company Searchlight Pictures and Kodak married cutting-edge KODAK inkjet printing technology with photography to create promotional postcards for the cinema release of the multi-award-winning movie Poor Things.

The goal was to showcase the beauty of director and producer Yorgos Lanthimos’ filmmaking and offer cinemagoers a tangible piece of the movie’s magic to take home, leveraging the quality and productivity benefits of the KODAK PROSPER ULTRA 520 Press.

Lanthimos, known for his distinctive and captivating visual style, shot Poor Things on a combination of KODAK EKTACHROME, VISION3 500T and EASTMAN DOUBLE-X Black and White 35mm film stocks. The choice of iconic KODAK film materials was intentional, aiming to create a unique and memorable visual setting for the fantastical story of the film.

The result was a bespoke Poor Things postcard collection that serves as a vibrant and valuable memento for fans. The postcards, featuring bold images captured on the film’s set shot on KODAK PROFESSIONAL PORTRA 400 Film by Lanthimos¬†and renowned photographer Atsushi Nishijima, are not just promotional items; they are works of art in their own right.

The 11-panel postcard sets were printed on the KODAK PROSPER ULTRA 520 Press 3-up on Pixelle Enhanced HiBrite paper (185gsm/125# text). When producing the postcards, the PROSPER ULTRA 520 Press took full advantage of its ability to achieve offset quality on coated and glossy papers, with high ink coverage at speeds of up to 152mpm (500 fpm). Upon printing, the sets were cut, perforated and fan-folded. In total, Kodak produced 110,000 postcard sets to support the global launch of the movie across multiple markets.

‘The Poor Things postcard collection is not just a promotional endeavour; it’s a celebration of the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into creating memorable cinematic experiences. This joint project has shown that the PROSPER ULTRA 520 Press is ideally suited to efficiently producing high-quality, high-ink coverage work with short lead times,’ commented Denisse Goldbarg, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of EAMER Sales, Kodak.

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