Tecnau Announces Collaborative Demonstrations In Düsseldorf


Tecnau is set to demonstrate the synergy between its finishing solutions and the technologies of both long-established as well as new partners.

Tecnau is highlighting its collaborations at drupa (which will be held in Düsseldorf from May 28 – June 7, 2024) with leading printing and finishing technology providers, under the theme ‘Tomorrow’s Finishing, Today. Connect with the future.’

At the Canon booth, visitors will witness the integration of Tecnau’s Revolution 50 Stack 5251L with Canon’s newly announced ProStream 2000. This powerful combination addresses a wide spectrum of commercial print applications, from B2 posters to A6 flyers, showcasing unmatched versatility and efficiency. The variable sheet length feature of the Stack 5251L introduces unprecedented flexibility in application changes, enhancing productivity and short-run production. Additionally, the se-tup includes Tecnau’s Unwinder u50 and Rewinder r50, offering roll to roll processing for versatile offline finishing possibilities.

In the FUJIFILM stand, Tecnau will present the Stack 5251L, illustrating the Revolution 50’s ability to seamlessly integrate with various high-speed inkjet presses, including the new Jet Press 1160CFG from FUJIFILM. This set-up exemplifies the company’s commitment to versatility across different commercial print applications.

The Kodak stand will feature an offline set-up with the Stack 5151L, optimised for short run books, magazines and large poster applications. This showcases the Revolution 50’s capability to process pre-printed rolls from the KODAK PROSPER ULTRA 520 press, further emphasising the system’s adaptability and efficiency in handling diverse print formats.

Cut-Sheet Finishing

In a testament to Tecnau’s long-standing relationship with Canon, the Canon varioPRINT iX3200 printer will be paired with Tecnau’s Stack 1010 in the Canon booth. This combination, first introduced in 2017, has been enhanced to support a 3-up output capability, for more efficient production of small A6 postcards. Stack 1010 streamlines the production process by eliminating the need for a guillotine and associated labour-intensive tasks.

Tecnau will highlight several collaborations aimed at enhancing book production and finishing processes. Tecnau’s partnership with SCREEN exemplifies its joint efforts to optimise book production. The combination of the Revolution 50 unwinder/rewinder with the SCREEN 520HD Mono printer enables efficient production of printed books in black and white, for further finishing on the Tecnau stand in an automated book block productions line.

Horizon booth: an automated line featuring the Canon varioPRINT 6330 TPxp series cut sheet printer, Tecnau BookReady cut/stack system, and Horizon’s Binder and Three-Knife Trimmer demonstrates a seamless, no-touch process from white sheet to finished book.

Smyth booth: a system combining Tecnau’s unwinder and guillotine cutter with Smyth’s sewing system, offers a cost-effective solution for producing sewn book blocks ready for near-line case binding.

Tecnau’s booth will also feature ground-breaking configurations, including Tecnau Revolution Cutter c52 feeding sheets to the Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 66 Hybrid, demonstrating high-speed folding capabilities from direct mail to pharma inserts.

The Stack 1212, B2 cut/stack system with input pallet feeder and Kompac’s Phoenix 20 UV/AQ coater, streamlines the production process by combining feeding, coating, cutting, and stacking in a single pass. Kompac will be showcasing their New Photo Coating for replacement of silver halide.

In collaboration with SCREEN, Canon, Ricoh, FUJIFILM, Kodak, HP and HP Indigo, Tecnau will demonstrate the processing of preprinted rolls and sheets in its booth, showcasing its comprehensive approach to digital print finishing.

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