UPM Awarded For Recycling Commitment

UPM Awarded For Recycling Commitment

The Association of Plastic Recyclers’ (APR) definition of ‘recyclable’ is comprehensive and considers compatibility with industry standard recycling processes, starting with collection and ending with remanufacturing.

UPM Raflatac recently received recognition by the APR for their undecorated white PP and clear PP pressure-sensitive label materials with acrylic adhesive for PP bottle recycling. The APR recognition is ‘based on the technical recyclability of the label innovations, in the polypropylene container recycling stream’.

‘We are honoured to once again be recognised for our continued commitment to the circular economy. This is the fifth APR Critical Guidance recognition achieved by UPM Raflatac to date. This new guidance will help us further provide a full solution to brand owners,’ stated Kyle Strenski, Business Director, Films and Specials, UPM Raflatac Americas.

The recognition letter submitted by APR stated, ‘APR thanks UPM Raflatac for voluntarily submitting these label innovations for Recognition. The impact of these protocols is beneficial to world-wide recycling efforts. Meeting the Critical Guidance Document is a truly significant step in demonstrating overall recyclability of your label innovations.’


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