Trisave Exhibits New WiAir 200 Inflatable Packaging System


Trisave Exhibited their new WiAir 200 Inflatable Air Cushion Packaging System at Propak Cape 2014 (21-23 October, CTICC). This is a space-saving method for packaging boxes and products for shipping.

Many warehouses use packaging peanuts to protect merchandise and for packaging purposes. Packaging peanuts can cost a lot (over time) and take up a lot of space. Many people are now switching to inflatable air cushion packaging. This is not only in an effort to save money, but because this type of packaging requires little space.

The Sircle WiAir 200 uses a plastic roll of film to create packaging material. It essentially seals the end of the plastic, fills a pocket with air and seals the other end shut. Air pockets can range anywhere from 120 to 300mm in size. These pockets are easy to handle, clean and don’t make a mess. The Wi-Air 200 uses its own self-contained air compressor for filling the bags.

These pockets can then be placed in a box and provide excellent protection during shipping. Many argue that air pockets are even better at protecting merchandise than packaging peanuts. This is due in part to the fact that packaging peanuts can shift around during transit, where air pockets stay firmly in place.

One roll of WiAir 200 film equals about the same amount of packaging as you will find in seven bags of packaging peanuts. That is a huge amount of space savings. The film used in the WiAir 200 is made from a low-density polyethylene (biodegradable). The film rolls themselves are about 100m long and 30-60mic in thickness. This film has been UPS ASTM D6653 tested and certified.

It is extremely easy to set up. There is no special training required. Once you have set the desired length and pocket size, simply turn the machine on and let it do the rest. It operates at about 1m of packaging per minute. It also features a built-in slitter for cutting the pockets from the film roll.

The money and space-saving benefits alone are convincing enough that inflatable air packaging is far superior to packaging peanuts. In reviews, this machine received high marks and is highly recommend for warehouses and packaging departments.

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