Rapid 3D Showcases Possibilities Of 3D Printing At Open House Event


Rapid 3D JV, a subsidiary of Kemtek Imaging Systems Holdings, showed attendees how they could take their businesses to the next dimension with 3D printing at the special two-day open house at Rapid 3D’s facility at City Deep from 22-23 October 2014.

3D printing is still relatively new to the South African market, so the event was an opportunity to educate attendees about the wide range of applications 3D printing can offer. These applications were showcased at the dedicated demonstration centre set up at the new Rapid 3D facility, that will provide ongoing customer support and training. Rapid 3D are also offering a bureau service, where 3D printing experts will take a project from design concept right through to prototype.

Dave Bullock, Director of Rapid 3D, said, ‘Our partnership with Kemtek allows us to bring our 3D technology expertise and offerings to a wider audience and to benefit from Kemtek’s expertise in terms of customer support, infrastructure and their national footprint. We are very proud of the dedicated printing facility in Johannesburg, which we’ve kitted out with as wide a range of technologies as possible. It also gives people an opportunity to understand how the different technologies work and to see the possibilities 3D printing offer.’

Rapid 3D’s repertoire has expanded to include advanced 3D printers and scanners from the world’s biggest personal and professional manufactures, including 3D Systems (incorporating Z Corporation, Rapidform and Geomagic), EnvisionTEC 3D and Vialux. 3D Scanning has become a significant part of the company’s complete 3D solution. Applications include re-designing of moulds, dies and mechanical parts, scanning and scaling up artworks and generating CAD models from hand-made designs and tooling.

Some of the many applications possible with 3D printing include: jewellery, metal, ceramics, hearing aids, applications in the dental industry, and much more. ‘Any industry you can think of has some or other application for a 3D printing technology,’ said Bullock. ‘3D printing’s major strength is that it can handle very complex objects. That’s where the technology really comes to the fore.’

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