TRESU Extends Doctor Blade And End Seal Range For Printing And Coating Applications

TRESU Extends Range Of Doctor Blades And End Seals For All Printing And Coating Applications

Tresu has launched an updated and complete portfolio of genuine end seals matching all applications in printing and coating.

Tresu now presents an updated selection of end seals in order to help customers secure more uptime and output from their chamber doctor blade systems. The range of end seals features those in different materials, compounds and shapes in order to cover all printing and coating applications.

To also ensure that customers always have a wide selection of doctor blades to choose from, Tresu has now expanded the range of doctor blades to now include those in polyester, carbon steel or stainless steel with lamella, round or bevel profiles. The goal of the new range is extending the lifetime of customers’ existing equipment and further improving the quality of their production.

Completing this new portfolio of consumables, customers can still select special recipe cleaning detergents only supplied by Tresu. This is a natural choice for water-based and UV based inks and coatings. Tresu cleaning detergents are low foaming and biodegradable. They enable faster cleaning cycles and less downtime – and provide a sustainable solution to customers.

Adding to this picture, Tresu is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, so they are based on quality, with great care for the environment. ‘Today’s production environment is changing fast. Repeatable quality, shorter runs at short notice, reliable workflows and optimal uptime are what printers need to compete effectively today,’ said Allan Rasmussen, Vice President, Tresu Customer Care. ‘These and other issues like sustainability and reducing waste are what our Customer Care programme is about. In short, using genuine and proven parts, customers can extend the performance of their printing equipment.’


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