The MX10 waterless CTP printing plate offers up to 40% increased durability and will be released at IFRA, taking place in Vienna, from 10 October until 12 October 2011. The increased durability will combine with the superior print quality and cleaner ‘ink fog’ free operation of waterless newspaper printing. It also drastically reduces paper waste, saves huge amounts of water, eliminates dampening system chemicals and minimises maintenance, helping printers reduce costs.
Most printers will now be able to use only one plate per print form for over 90% of the jobs, further enhancing the economic advantage of waterless, said Junichi Ishii, Sales Manager for graphics and chemical products for Toray International Europe. Print runs up to a quarter of a million impressions have been obtained with the new plate under normal production conditions during the test period at customer sites. Minimal make ready time and waste which are well known features of waterless will be maintained with the new plate.
Toray is confident that this important step made in cooperation with KBA and our customers will boost the attractiveness of the Cortina press in particular and waterless in general. We think the future viability of newspaper printing plants will depend on their ability to maintain machine occupancy rates by diversification into high quality products that can be produced in an economically and ecologically responsible manner.
To meet anticipated demand production has been upscaled at Toray’s Okazaki factory in Japan. The new plates will be available at the end of the year.
This latest addition to our portfolio will enable our customers who are already taking advantage of the quality benefits of the waterless process to reach the zenith of what is possible in cold set printing, added Ishii.