This hands-on workshop will show attendees how to improve efficiency in their print shops. If you are: under strong competitive pressure; fighting against falling margins; concerned about your employees motivation and see potential in your production then lean printing is for you. Originally developed for the Japanese automotive industry, numerous successful print shops across the world have already adopted lean manufacturing principles in their operations.

The Print Media Academy combines practical group exercises, the right amount of theory, and best practice examples from print shops. The seminar gives you a set of tools that will help you get off to a flying start as you implement lean manufacturing in your company.

You will learn
• How to empower employees and change corporate culture.
• How to generate added value for your customers.    
• How to reduce all kinds of waste and defects.
• How to standardize working procedures.
• How to increase productivity by optimizing makeready times.
• How to streamline your workflow and reduce cycle times.
• How to tap into new potential in your print production.
In this unique workshop, our expert will introduce lean printing and show you how it can make your business more profitable.


Part 1 – introduction to lean manufacturing
Is your business as profitable as it could be? Are you trying to get more out of your printing processes? Get ready for an approach that will challenge your current thinking on how to produce efficiently. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of world-class lean manufacturing principles and strategies and learn why lean production is essential for preserving the economic vitality of the print media industry.

Part 2 – lean methods and tools
The seminar will provide you with a thorough understanding of lean manufacturing methods. Heidelberg will also demonstrate concepts that will help you to embed lean manufacturing principles in your companys operations and strategies. Moreover you learn how to deal with change and how to involve your staff.

Part 3 – lean implementation and practical examples
Your trainer will start with case studies and explain how lean approaches have helped other companies succeed in printing and manufacturing. The next part of the workshop will provide a practical, step-by-step guide for implementing lean production.

Target group:
Managers, supervisors and key employees of print media companies.

Detlev Dierkes originally trained as a print media designer and worked in the publishing industry for several years. He then joined a British electronics firm and became a trainer for electronic image processing and media systems in the UK and at the companys German subsidiary. He went on to be promoted to the position of service director, before joining the Gruner & Jahr newspaper group to head a major project to develop newspaper systems. He subsequently worked at several different companies as a sales director for printing equipment and IT systems. Dierkes joined Heidelberg in 1997, where he was responsible for prepress and digital printing at the Print Media Center until being put in charge of the Print Media Relations department in 2004.

October 31-November 2, 2011. It starts at 9am every morning and ends at approximately 5pm. The course language is in English.

The Protea Hotel Balalaika in Sandton.

R15 450 (€ 1 550) excluding transport, accommodation and personal expenses.