Screen Truepress Installation Provides Production Efficiency


The installation of a Screen Truepress Jet L350UV at Olderi SIA has improved margins and delivered better value for customers. The Screen UV inkjet press represents Olderi’s first investment in Screen technology. Established over 24 years ago, Olderi SIA offers high-quality printing capabilities to produce labels for small and medium-sized orders. The company switched to digital printing in response to the trend for shorter print runs.

‘The enhanced technology provided by Screen brings unparalleled capabilities in terms of label production,’ stated Janis Locmelis, chairman, Olderi SIA. ‘The Truepress L350UV has really impressed us with its high uptime and fast production speeds.’

Locmelis continued, ‘Our analysis of the current label market led us to conclude that the Truepress L350UV is a productive printer because of its reliability and production speeds. Screen offered us the best product in the market for what we aim to produce and achieve, and the positive installation experience further reinforced this belief.

‘We’ve embraced digital printing because we believe it is the present and the future of the industry. The fast start times and excellent uptime of the easy-to-operate Truepress Jet350UV has provided fantastic production efficiency, so we can meet customer needs with much less pressure on our margins.’

Frans Kops, area director, Screen added, ‘We offer a system that requires minimum maintenance and is characterised by very low downtime, providing the user an uptime of more than 90% for a very economic cost per label which is the state-of-art technology, while still offering a wide range of substrates. The key is production efficiency.’