SCREEN Announces Primer Option

SCREEN Announces Primer Option

In the packaging industry, including the label segment, a wide variety of substrates are used in different regions and for different jobs, and in recent years, due to environmental issues, the number of such substrates has been increasing. Compared to other digital methods, UV inkjet printing is more suitable for wide substrates and is more durable, and its popularity has increased based on these advantages.

However, compared to analogue printing with its wide range of ink types, UV inkjet printing may not produce satisfactory results on some special substrates, specified substrates and certain regional substrates. In digital printing, it is also difficult to use multiple ink types, and the wettability varies depending on the ink and substrate, resulting in differences in quality, adhesion and durability.

In response to these trends, SCREEN GA has developed the Digital Primer Option for its Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI S to improve adhesion, graininess and other characteristics. This option uses the extra head space in the Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI S to install an inline inkjet primer unit without requiring additional installation space and additional main UV lamps (a UV-LED pre-cure lamp will be required).

SCREEN has finalised development of the Digital Primer Option for its Truepress LABEL 350UV SAI S UV inkjet printing system. The new option maximises UV inkjet printing capabilities by significantly improving print quality, adhesion and durability. SCREEN GA plans to launch the ink worldwide starting in October 2024.

The primer unit can automatically generate a primer layer based on print data. This ability to use the primer without additional work maximises the superior usability of digital printing. Furthermore, the ink itself can be a near-transparent colour and can be used like a varnish in some cases, making it more decorative and a means of adding value. In this way, the inline primer unit can be used to expand the range of materials and applications for digital printing, increase the digital printing processes, and add value. This creates further cost advantages and contributes to the system’s environmental friendliness by reducing waste and power consumption.

The machine was also showcased during the drupa trade fair, which was held in Düsseldorf.

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