Scodix Launches Productivity Workflow Package

The Scodix Studio Station’s interface.

Scodix Studio Station is an enhancement digital front end (EDFE) with Scodix software running on dedicated Scodix hardware. The system has an external RIP server, making RIPs faster and automatic, with an easy-to-use interface, and incorporates two new registration methods.

Developed to boost press utilisation and production flexibility, Scodix’s new workflow solution can process jobs up to 60 percent faster for Ultra Digital Enhancement Press users. ‘This new solution allows printers to prepare more jobs, faster, handle large volume variable data jobs and process jobs from various sources more efficiently,’ said Amit Shvartz, Scodix CMO. ‘As every digital printer knows, uptime is imperative to profitability, and Scodix Studio Station will help printers maximise the efficiency and productivity of their digital enhancement operations.’

‘Scodix has always provided best-in-class registration. Until now that has been achieved by detecting four Optical Print Alignment (OPA) dots. With Scodix Automatic Registration Process (ARP), Scodix Studio Station can achieve registration down to 100µm, using corner detection or CMYK objects detection. For trade printers and PSPs receiving jobs from lots of different sources, this will simplify the process and allow them to access the full power of Scodix Digital Enhancement,’ said Shvartz.

Scodix Studio Station was developed for the Scodix Ultra family of Digital Enhancement Presses and joins Scodix Studio W2P and Scodix Studio W2P Customised in the company’s workflow solutions portfolio.

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