Scodix Announces Winners Of Annual Design Awards Competition


Submissions came from printers representing every major printing community worldwide. A distinguished panel of judges rated projects for design quality, production complexity, and overall appearance. The 2018 submissions set a new standard for outstanding applications and covered a who’s who gamut of global brands, corporate leaders, notable magazines and financial institutions. The winning awards can be viewed online at Scodix Awards.

‘Our users’ immense creativity, coupled with the increasing sophistication of our digital enhancement tools has resulted in new standards of excellence, and 2018 was no exception,’ noted CEO Adina Shorr. ‘The annual awards showcase the active wizardry happening daily in clients’ production departments worldwide. And, with nearly 120 carefully prepared and packaged entries this year, it’s evident our awards have captured a growing global appeal. We’re excited to recognise and honour those that are setting the bar for digital enhancement expectations that much higher.’

This year’s applicants displayed work that represented just about every segment of the market, including direct mail, product packaging, fine arts, and commercial printing. This contest is crafted to identify the most creative work produced by Scodix customers on a global scale, using Scodix Digital Print Enhancement technology.

All of the submitted entries projected professionalism, creativity, and a superior understanding of the power, and impact, of the Scodix post-press enhancement tools. The best of the best, representing 17 different countries, spanning five global continents, in the five defined categories this year are:

Folding Carton / Packaging

First Place: Subu Printing & Packaging (China), ‘Phoenix Mid Autumn Festival Gift Box’
Second Place: CJ Graphics (Canada), ‘Revolution 81 Wine Box’

Honourable Mention: Oriel (UK), ‘Staeger Red Wine Boxes’

General Commercial Printing

First Place: Omanim (Israel), ‘Music Calendar’
Second Place: Bennett Graphics (USA), ‘Porsche Ultimate Drive Experience’

Honourable Mention: Maison Lack by DLW (France), ‘Invitation Elysées 52’


First Place: Bennett Graphics (USA), ‘Canvas Magazine’
Second Place: Oriel (UK), ‘Wat Adventure Children’s Book’

Self Promotion

First Place: Textile Printing and Packaging (USA), ‘TPC- Rise/ Shine Promo Piece’
Second Place: Omanim (Israel), ‘Passover Kit’

Honourable Mention: Directprint (Morocco), ‘Guide de l’originalité (Creative Printing Solutions)’

Honourable Mention: GSB Digital (USA), ‘Capture the Value of Touch- Digital Embellishment Showcase Book’


First Place: GSB Digital (USA), ‘Folex Silver Spirits Labels’
Second Place: J Point (Bulgaria), ‘Infiniti Artwork’

Honourable Mention: J Point (Bulgaria), ‘The Surfing Bear’

This year’s winners have been notified directly, and their recognised submissions, as well as many of the other competing entries, will be displayed at public industry events, and Scodix-sponsored activities throughout the year. For more information about each awarded submission, and images of winning projects, go to Scodix Awards.

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