PieReg Prepared For New Challenges Following Muller Martini Installation

PieReg Prepared For New Challenges Following Muller Martini Installation
Sven Regen and Sebastian Preissler, PieReg.

The Pantera is a self-adhesive binder, and the first to be installed in the 15-year history of PieReg Druckcenter Berlin GmbH. The company operated during that entire time period with a major challenge: the outsourcing of softcover production of books and brochures, carried out abroad with partners.

The purchase of the binder from Muller Martini closed this important gap at PieReg. With the installation of the Pantera, the entire value chain ends up in its own books, which makes production more economical. In addition, reducing logistics costs saves time by eliminating truck trips to and from a bindery.

‘Together with our own employees, we have better control of the quality standards of the end products,’ said PieReg co-owner Sven Regen. Now, the three-shift Pantera connects annual reports, political brochures, art and travel catalogues, periodicals, manuals and city maps in a range of 500 to 20,000 copies.

Three motives stood out for the purchase: the robust mechanical engineering, the convincing overall package from Muller Martini with the after-sales service as protection against problems and breakdowns, and the compact layout required for the conditions.

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