Ross4Marketing Purchases New Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75


The decisive factor for purchasing a new Speedmaster XL 75 was the ability to have the machine equipped with the new CutStar 75 roll sheeter. Ross4Marketing puts its trust in machines from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) in order to ensure the high quality required for its customers.

Built on the basis of the CutStar 106, Heidelberg experts developed the new roll sheeter for the 50 x 70 format. The entire system has been used for production in Denver since July 2018, together with the existing Speedmaster XL 75. The machines are integrated via the Prinect print shop workflow. Saphira consumables, optimally tailored to the machines, help ensures high quality printed products. To simplify the process, Ross4Marketing orders the materials from the Heidelberg eShop.

‘Our experience with an eight-colour Speedmaster XL 75 perfecting press and the CutStar 74 stretches back ten years,’ reported Eric Ross, Ross4Marketing. ‘For this period, we have taken advantage of the benefits, such as up to 20 percent lower paper costs, fewer feeder stoppers, perfect register and improved overall productivity, allowing us to supply our customers both faster and with high quality.’

‘Under no circumstances would we now buy a press without a CutStar; we expect the new CutStar 75 to facilitate even more savings and even better productivity,’ said Ross. ‘This is the answer to the industry trend of more and more makereadies and lower piece counts. We need to gang jobs together in a cost effective manner. The new Heidelberg XL 75 was the answer. Our XL 75 with AutoPlate and inline press controls hangs 8 plates, in perfect colour and register every four minutes with about 150 sheets of makeready.’

The CutStar will be used virtually 100 percent of the time on both Speedmaster XL 75 presses with average run lengths between 15,000 and 20,000 sheets running grammages of 90 to 250g/sqm. The system runs in two shifts. Thanks to new contracts and additional customers, the company is growing and has invested in the new Speedmaster XL 75-8-P+L.

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