In an industry first, QuadTech and System Brunner now offer printers the ability to achieve more consistent colour fidelity by specifying a strategy for different quality targets and image-related criteria. Printers can easily comply with different colour standards and specifications, based on customer requirements for each print job

QuadTechs Colour Control System with SpectralCam™, along with System Brunners INSTRUMENT FLIGHT® are already proven technology, with hundreds of web offset installations worldwide. SpectralCam delivers a full range of print attribute data – including L*a*b* and TVI – for precise colour management. INSTRUMENT FLIGHT + L*a*b* software places priority on gray balance and TVI by taking more than 30 printing attributes into account.

For the first time, press operators can now choose between five color balance-related control strategies through a simple drop-down menu during job setup:

1) INSTRUMENT FLIGHT Gray Balance Priority is a picture-related control strategy for reproductions with common UCR/GCR.

2) INSTRUMENT FLIGHT Gray Stabilisation/GCR is a control strategy for image reproduction with strong black and reduced CMY colours.

3) INSTRUMENT FLIGHT ISO/PSO is a control strategy including single Color Solids, TVI, spread of TVI in the colour control, according to ISO/PSO guidelines.

4) INSTRUMENT FLIGHT G7 is a control strategy with reference to Gray Balance Calibration G7, giving major priority to Gray Balance for production control.

5) INSTRUMENT FLIGHT Solid Balance is a control strategy for reproductions with strong influence of solid tones-such as brand colors and 1- or 2-colour banners..

Daniel Würgler, CEO of System Brunner, said, Controlling TVI and Gray Balance together with solid tones and L*a*b* is the key for consistently perfect image quality.  INSTRUMENT FLIGHT + L*a*b* automatically regulates these attributes, through the entire print run. These new enhancements enable printers to comply with different standard targets and specifications to achieve even greater colour consistency. This solution is a key consideration in overall Colour Management, and ensures the highest level of color fidelity and economy.

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