ColorLogic Releases New Colour Management Solution

ColorLogic Releases New Colour Management Solution

ColorAnt 10 is a transformative upgrade poised to elevate the capabilities of professionals in the printing industry. This latest version introduces features that enhance colour correction, chart creation and evaluation processes.

A standout feature is the Custom Chart tool, enabling seamless creation of charts up to 15 channels and custom spot colour libraries with up to 99 colours. This streamlined process ensures swift generation, export and subsequent measurement for custom spot colour library creation. Additionally, the latest version also introduces linearisation charts tailored for the G7 standard, facilitating the calibration of printing devices for precise and consistent colour reproduction.

The Export Chart tool has been enhanced to support the creation of test charts with more than 9 channels, enabling the development of extensive spot colour libraries. The ability to control ColorAnt via the new Command Line Interface provides users with added flexibility in their workflows.

‘ColorAnt 10 represents a leap forward in our commitment to providing professionals with unparalleled precision in colour management,’ stated Thorsten Braun, Chief Technical Director at ColorLogic. ‘These new features, which include the introduction of spot colour libraries, empower our users to achieve the highest standards in colour reproduction. This underscores our dedication to innovation, ensuring that ColorAnt remains at the forefront of cutting-edge technology for the printing industry.’


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