How Colour Management Software Can Benefit Your Business

How Colour Management Software Can Benefit Your Business

According to Focus Label Machinery, colour management ensures consistent colour of graphics and images across media, devices and formats. Without Colour Management Software (CMS), it can be difficult to achieve consistency because screens and substrates obtain colour in different ways. CMS also guarantees that every label looks exactly like the last, so there is no deviation from colour from one print run to the next.

In commercial textile and label printing, image quality matters. Colour, in particular, is attention-grabbing, emotive and engaging. But when you can’t be certain that printed colours will accurately match the initial design, you need an effective solution that ensures that your digital printing machine delivers the results your customers need. So, if you’re printing colour labels or packaging, how can CMS benefit your business?

An enabling technology

Colour management software is an enabling technology, which enables colour simulation across a project or workflow, and can take into account the specific method of production. No matter how you print and the technology you use, a CMS will deliver outstanding results every time.

Evaluate your print output

Using a calibrated and ICC-profiled monitor, CMS can produce examples of your print output in a range of formats, including CMYK digital, flexo, offset and RBG photo, before you commence the print run. Adjustments can then be made to artwork, printing plates or the print engine.

Save money and time

By printing with CMS, you can be confident that the colours you select will be accurate from the digital to the physical output. Instead of unwanted surprises when the physical print looks completely different from what you expected, you can be assured that there will be no colour discrepancies, saving you time, money and inconvenience.

Eliminate variations

A CMS calibrates your printing presses and control devices to minimise variations across the print run and ensure that printing is as accurate as possible. By linking cameras, scanners, monitors and printers, bespoke ICC profiles are created and implemented to ensure perfect results every time.


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